Purchase of audiences in digital media using Big Data based on our algorithm. We work on the automation of the bidding system in order to reach our global objectives.


We design the strategy and the banners to appear in all media where the client is interested in being and we also carry out retargeting to impact users who have shown interest by visiting the client's site, as well as monitoring the user by the contextual purchase of keywords from a product or service that it has actively made.


Video is a current solution that generates more engagement with your brand due to the higher degree of interaction with the user.


We give you the possibility to reach a global audience that allows us to buy inventory on any medium, anytime, anywhere.

Purchase of advertising inventory

Bidding is made only for the impression that is related to our objective (click, lead, sale ...) depending on the segmentation configured for the campaign; accessing the highest quality inventories in real time, bidding only on those that meet our objective.


There are great optimization possibilities since depending on the performance of the campaign we can eliminate sites that are not being reactive, age segments, locations, ... and all this in real time, which allows us to have greater control of the budget.

Our algorithm

It is the basis of the Programmatic purchase, the tool has an algorithm that has a learning, an intelligent one, that will make the campaign improve in all the records, together with our team of experts, over time.


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