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We have a database of more than 35 million users worldwide, and we launch an average of 2 million qualified emails per month . We continuously feedback the database including new segments to further qualify the scope. We work mainly in Europe, Latam and Australia.

Databases advantages

Databases are one of the best recruitment tools that digital marketing has. We work on different verticals and their wide possibility of segmentation (age, sex, location, educational level, purchasing power ...) is one of the factors that directly affect their high performance ratios.

We strictly comply with the GDPR of each country , so our databases are 100% secure, complying with current regulations according to the current legislation.

Our Databases

  • Europe

    23 millions users
  • LatAm

    17 millions users
  • USA

    13 millions users
  • Australia

    2 millions users
  • Sudáfrica

    500.000 usuarios


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