Images boost your sales

Any online business owner has wondered what those ads that appear when you search for information about an article on Google are . These are ads with the description of the product along with an image and the price that make you want to click, right? In fact, click rates are very high , much more than in the text, as well as sales percentages … do you sign up?

Google shopping advantages

Quality of highly qualified traffic , as in Google Search, it is the user himself who is looking for a specific product or products: the user is therefore seeing a product page directly with a price, if he clicks on it is very likely that they have a purchase intention, it is therefore a very qualified click.

Visual ads: By having images, these ads stand out more than organic content, or Google Ads ads. You bid in CPC, so if the match between Keyword and product is good, the percentage of sales is very high.
Google has been developing this product for a few years now and the trend is for its growth to be exponential in the coming years. Take advantage of having a marketing agency with specialists in Google Shopping , we have been working on this solution for years in a comprehensive, coordinated and sales-oriented way.


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