A cookie is a small computer file that some platforms, such as websites, can send to the browser of the terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) of the user who accesses said platforms, and that allows them to store and retrieve some details and characteristics of each user’s visit.

Add Value Media S.L. (hereinafter, “Add Value Media”) uses various types of cookies, (hereinafter, the “Cookie/s”), both its own and those of third parties, on the websites of its ownership (hereinafter, the “ Website/s ”) with the aim of offering those who visit them (“User/s”) faster access to the selected content and a more satisfactory and personalized experience based on their browsing guidelines.

Thus, the use of Cookies allows Websites to function more efficiently, providing Add Value Media with information that allows them to improve their services as well as offering users a content, including advertising, in greater alignment with their interests and preferences.

Cookies do not provide personal data of the Users, nor information that allows them to be deduced, as long as they are anonymously associated only with the terminal equipment, be it a personal computer, smartphone, tablet etc.

The User can configure his browser to notify and prevent the installation of Cookies sent by the Websites. Although this configuration will not prevent the User from accessing the services offered, it may be due to a decrease in the performance of the Websites.


There are several types of cookies, which can be classified according to their permanence, their functions or according to whether they are sent to the Team from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself, from which the service requested by the User is provided (“Cookie/s own/s”) or if they are sent to the Team from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor but by another third party entity (“Third-party cookie/s”).

The duration of existence of cookies may vary.

  • Session cookies disappear when the user closes the browser or after a limited time;
  • Permanent or persistent Cookies are a type of cookies in which the data collected is still stored on the Equipment and only disappears as soon as they have fulfilled the objective of its existence, or if it is deleted.

Add Value Media uses session Cookies, as they are necessary for the correct use of the Websites, in order to offer a good management of the session opened by the User and so that he can navigate through the different pages of the Website so uninterrupted without, for example, having to provide your language or location preferences again for each page. If these Cookies were disabled, many of the available services would not be operational. Add Value Media also uses permanent or persistent Cookies, its own or those of third parties, so that the browsing experience of the Users is as satisfactory as possible and as appropriate to their interests.

Cookies can also be classified according to their purpose:

  • The Performance Cookies store information about the user’s preferences regarding the tools used, for example, language or volume, so that he does not have to reconfigure them every time he accesses the platform;
  • Functional Cookies allow the creation of a list of terms about the search that the user is doing. They can also be used to remember the legal notices that the user has accepted or the data entered in a form;
  • Cookies to share (or Sharing Cookies) allow you to share elements of the Websites on other websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google;
  • The Analytical Cookies, through tools such as Google Adsense and Analytics, allow you to automatically collect data for statistical purposes such as, type of browser, operating system used, number of visits, average time spent on the website, pages visited.
  • These cookies allow quantifying the number of visitors as well as statistically analyzing the use made by users of the services of the Websites; Advertising Cookies allow to determine what are the interests of the user based on their browsing habits to be able to provide advertising offers that may be of interest. A subtype of these are the Cookies of behavioral advertising that allow to store information about the navigation of the users through the same browsing session, showing advertisements directly related to their interests or their previous searches on other websites.

Add Value Media uses its own and third-party Cookies of the following types: Performance, Functional, Sharing Cookies, Analytical, and Advertising Cookies, including behavioral cookies.

The companies that generate third-party Cookies on our Websites have their own policies regarding cookies and data protection. Currently, the Websites handle third-party Cookies from the following companies:

Google – more information about the cookie policy of this company can be consulted through the following link: http://www.google.es/intl/es/policies/technologies/cookies/

WordPress – more information about the cookie policy of this company can be consulted through the following link: http://wordpress.org/about/privacy/

Facebook – more information about the cookie policy of this company can be consulted through the following link: https: //es-es.facebook.com/help/cookies

Exponential – more information about the cookies policy of this company can be consulted through the following link: http://exponential.com/es/privacy/


Users of the Websites can allow, block or delete the Cookies installed on their Equipment by configuring the options of their Internet browser. For example, in relation to the most common browsers, Cookies can be managed through the following links:

As anticipated, the fact of disabling Cookies, although it does not prevent access by the User to the services and contents of the Websites, may cause a decrease in the quality of its functionality.


This Cookies Policy is common to all Add Value Media Websites, so acceptance by the User of a Website will imply acceptance in the remaining Websites. The complete list of Websites can be found on the official Add Value Media Website (https://addvaluemedia.com/).

Add Value Media reserves the right to modify this Cookies Policy at any time. You can get more information about Add Value Media through our Privacy Policy.