infografía sobre los elementos de los que depende el bis data

Our algorithm with machine learning created In-House learns on its own how to buy media in the most efficient way, analyzing broadcast schedules, clicks, the audience... and getting the cheapest price possible for a better interaction with the user.

VOLUME: The amount of data is defined as “Big” even when it does not exceed a defined size, but when its storage, processing and exploitation begins to be a challenge for an organization.

VALUE: The data and its analysis have to generate a benefit for companies.

TRUTH: In addition, the data must be reliable and must be kept clean. A large amount of data has no value if they are incorrect and can be highly damaging, especially in automated decision making.

VISUALIZATION: Therefore, the visualization of the data is crucial to be able to understand and treat them for their greater effectiveness.

VARIETY: However, the main challenge of Big Data lies in the great difference of different formats in which we find the data and which can range from simple text, images, videos, spreadsheets and entire databases.

SPEED: Another feature of Big Data is related to the rate at which the data is being generated, which is constantly increasing and needs a real-time response from companies.

VIRALITY: And finally, what everyone wants to achieve, that the campaign goes viral. With the correct use of the data and the quality content that defines us, we fight for it to be so.